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Lesson Planning

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

I find guidance lessons extremely valuable and enjoyable to do! Being able to provide education and information to the entire student body is vital to supporting student growth and development. The first week of October I will spend two days teaching a lesson on mental health disorders to 9th graders. As I am planning for the lesson, I find it especially important to refer back to what I have learned thus far about varying stages of adolescent development. I must keep in mind that each student in the class is a unique indivdiual with differing cultures, identities, strengths, and abilites. It is crucial to ensure classroom guidance lessons are accessible to all students. I must also remain mindful of how to present the information in the most developmentally appropriate way. I want the information to be informative but not to the point where students are overwhelmed. I find the ASCA lesson plan template valuable to ensure my lesson aligns with standards, while allowing me to organize the thoughts.

When planning for lessons or projects I like to brainstorm my ideas by getting everything out of my head down on paper! I am utilizing Canva to create engaging content slides. My current internship supervisor was kind enough to add me to her Canva team, therefore I have access to enhanced features that allow boundless creativity when creating slides, handouts, and documents. I will also be utilizing the live polling web service, Poll Everywhere, to conduct an interactive Myth vs Fact pre-test. Since every student at my school is given a school laptop, I have decided to utilize interactive web-based components to increrase student engagement. At the conclusion of the lesson, a Microsoft form link will be sent out to the students, via Microsoft teams, to assess knowledge of the lesson and elicit feedback. I believe student feedback is essential in helping to develop as a counselor. What better way to ensure your effectiveness than by eliciting feedback from the very students who receive your services? I like to empower students by letting them know their voice is heard and matters.

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