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Teaching Examples

Below is a sample of lessons and artifacts from my various teaching experiences. I have taught undergraduates and masters level students.

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Unconditional Positive Regard

While teaching COUN 480 Skills for Counseling, one of my earlier class lessons explored unconditional positive regard and its importance to the therapeutic alliance.

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Counseling Theories

While teaching COUN 480 Skills for Counseling, we spent some time briefly touching on some foundational theories, aligning with their textbook. We touched on the connection between core conditions, theory, and interventions.


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Professional Ethics for School Counselors

A presentation linking ethics to the school setting was provided. Exploration of values was explored through a values card activity in the beginning. Intentional discussion related to ethical behavior, with special attention paid to ASCA and ACA ethical codes. An overview and application of the S.T.E.P.S model (Stone, 2001) was dicussed and applied to a case example.


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Whole-School Frameworks

An overview of common frameworks, including PBIS, RTI, and MTSS were discussed with student. Intentional linking to student experiences was done via facilitated discussions. A case example was utilized to apply MTSS.

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Culturally Responsive School Counseling

Presentation promoting reflection and exploration of culture and intersectionality. Students examined culturally responsive practices, explored the Advocating Student- within-Environment model, and reviewed unique considerations and culture within our region.


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