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Posters, Presentations, and Invited Talks

Rural Mental Health & The MSJCCs

Presented at the Smoky Mountain Counseling Association Annual Conference 2024

This presentation explored rural mental health and intersectionality, utilizing the MSJCCs as a foundational framework.


A Healthy Relationships Group For College Students with IDD

Presented at the Tennessee Counseling Association Conference in Nashville, TN November 2023

This presentation discussed group facilitation considerations for successful implementation of a psychoeducation skills development group on the topic of healthy relationships for college students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Example strategies were provided through hands on engagement. 


Anxiety Busters: Using Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Address K-12 Student Anxiety

Presented at the Tennessee Counseling Association Conference in Nashville, TN November 2023

This presentation discussed a the impacts of anxiety of children and adolescents. Attendees learned how to understand and address student anxiety through a multi-tiered systems of support framework. This interactive presentation will provide a variety of interventions for K12 students, from individual activities to school-wide interventions 


Demystifying Data: Preparing Future School Counselors Utilizing the TO-DO Instructional Method in Foundational School Counseling Courses

Presented at the Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling Conference in Nashville, TN September 2023

This presentation discussed an innovative instructional framework I developed to assist in facilitating data skill development for masters-level school counseling students in foundational school counseling courses. I presented my framework, explored its application across a semester and within individual classes, and engaged participants in a sample lesson application.

Facilitating a Healthy Relationships Group for College Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Presented at the Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselor Association at Trevecca Nazarene University, 2023

This presentation discussed the presenters’ experience facilitating a successful psychoeducational skills development group for college students with intellectual and developmental disabilities on healthy relationships. This group was cultivated to allow group members to explore their understanding of components of healthy relationships, discuss setting boundaries, and educate members on safe intimacy in relationships. The group included a collaboration with members and presenters to discuss difficult topics within relationships. Group considerations and successful instructional strategies are explored.


How Does Mindfulness Promote Adolescents' Life Satisfaction?

Poster presented at the Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference at Ohio State University, 2023

Empirical studies have demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness in promoting students’ life satisfaction. Yet, the mechanisms by which mindfulness leads to enhanced life satisfaction are not well understood. In line with evidence-based school counseling practices, this presentation aims to elaborate on how mindfulness works, based on the research findings that investigated the roles of mindfulness and hope in adolescents’ life satisfaction. Our findings suggest that mindfulness increases the level of hope, which in turn enhances satisfaction with life. This presentation will also provide several mindfulness techniques that can promote students’ life satisfaction.


Standing Tall: An Eight-Week Psychoeducational Group

Poster presented at the Association for Humanistic Counseling 2022 Conference at Nashville, TN.

Group Topic: Enhancing Self-Esteem in fifth-grade students. Elementary school is a foundational time where, for possibly the first-time, children are evaluating their perception of themselves in the context of their peers, teachers, and parents. Positive self-esteem is a protective factor and aids in the development of positive coping skills to life stressors. Within the global topic of self-esteem, the subtopics of identity development, self-efficacy, perceived competency, hopefulness, and resiliency play a vital role. Utilizing these five key components, eight lessons were developed utilizing various modalities to engage students in skill building, while being responsive to the diversity of our student populations.  


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)


Awards and Honors

2024-2025 Chi Sigma Iota Leadership Fellow

The CSI Leadership Fellowship and Internship program offers outstanding Chi Sigma Iota members in the early years of their professional career an opportunity to broaden their awareness and leadership potential in the counseling profession. CSI created the program to assist future leaders in developing skills and competencies that can advance the profession. 

2024 Outstanding Doctoral Student, Chi Sigma Iota Upsilon Theta Chapter

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Marianne Woodside Outstanding Role Model Award

University of Tennessee Knoxville, Counselor Education

2024 Outstanding Graduate Student, Smoky Mountain Counseling Association (SMCA)

A regional branch of the Tennessee Counseling Association

Tennessee Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (TACES) Outstanding Doctoral Student 2023

The TACES Outstanding Doctoral Student Award recognizes doctoral students who exceed the already typically high demands of doctoral work in a counselor education program in the state of Tennessee. Recipients of this award have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, teaching, supervision, clinical work, service, program development, leadership, and/or advocacy for disadvantaged students, clients or the counseling profession.

2023 Outstanding First-Year Student Award

University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Counselor Education

Roger F. Aubrey "North Star" Award

Vanderbilt University 

This award honors a member of the graduating class in Human Development Counseling each year who demonstrates the greatest potential for facilitating human development through counseling.

2023 Outstanding First-Year Student Award

University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Counselor Education

Professional Organizations

American Counseling Association

American School Counselor Association

Tennessee Counseling Association

Chi Sigma Iota-Upsilon Theta Chapter

Previously: Eta Delta Chi Chapter

Smoky Mountain Counseling Association

Military and Government Counseling Association

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Tennessee School Counselor Association

Association for Adolescent and Child Counseling

Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development

Additional Training

Children of Trauma & Resilience

Starr Commonwealth

Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools

Starr Commonwealth

Solution-Focused Brief Counseling TCA Presentation

Tennessee Counseling Association

Make Your Voice Heard! Suicide Prevention Training TCA

Tennessee Counseling Association

Enneagram Training for Helping Professionals

Tennessee Counseling Association

Innovation in Men's Mental Health Training

Mental Health Academy 2021 Suicide Prevention Summit

Managing Hopelessness, Helplessness, and Despair with our Younger Clients Training

Mental Health Academy 2021 Suicide Prevention Summit

Perception is Everything: Stigma, Mental Health, & Suicide in Historically Marginalized Communities Training

Mental Health Academy 2021 Suicide Prevention Summit

The Grief Summit 2022


Association for Humanistic Counseling Conference 2022

Nashville, TN

William &Mary | Univ. Central Florida

Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference 2023

1st Annual Summer Symposium: Serving Those Who Served

Ohio State University

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