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Schooled in Success- A Small Group!

I have begun a weekly small group for fifth grade students this term and I couldn't be more excited each week that we meet! The group is titled "Schooled in Success" and it is on the topic of academic success. The elementary school I am at is PreK through 5th grade school and feeds into LCA, the combined middle and high school I interned at last term. While I was there I noticed the 6th grade students struggled adjusting. Many students reported feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, and very stressed out transitioning from 5th to 6th grade. Students go from having one classroom teacher, to having 8 class periods, with 8 different teachers, and a locker that might be on the other side of the school they need to got o during their 5 minute passing time. Talk about a change!

One of the ways I came up with to try to help students with this transition is to create a small group, working with identified students to develop the necessary skills to help make their 6th grade transition as smooth as possible.

I have five wonderful students in the group, and it has been a joy working with them. Our first session was on the topic of organization. Students created a homework folder and we talked through the ways in which it can help keep them organized. Our second lesson was on the topic of time management. We discussed scheduled vs unscheduled tasks, importance of time management, and completed an activity together where we completed a weekly schedule for a mock student, named Betty. Students reported they really enjoyed the activity and even wanted me to make additional copies of the blank weekly schedule to use on their own!

I have loved seeing how students navigate the group process. We have great student led discussions on topics. One student may ask a question and another student step in to answer it. While this is a psychoeducational group, I love seeing students work through questions, discuss, and think through scenarios together.

Interested in seeing my lessons? Navigate to my Projects page to see my group lesson plans listed under the Elementary section!

All my love, LeAnn Wills

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