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Oreos and Affirmations

As I have been working with students I have noticed many students battling negative self-talk. As I have been wondering how best to address this on a school-wide level, an idea came to mind. Oreos and affirmations.

Every week I bring snacks to the office and place them in a blue bin. I began this as I noticed when I first started in August a few students would come to the office saying they were hungry looking for snacks. Ever since then I have brought in a variety of snacks and been thrilled to hear students come and go to grab something as they need it. It has been such a great way to engage with the students informally, while also allowing myself to be present for the students-even if I am not physically there my hope is they know that I care.

I decided to start writing affirmation notes on the stickies in the hopes that as they discover the note stuck to the back of their snack, it will be a moment of uplift for them. As new students come to the office in search of snacks each day, my hope is that this is something that allows me to connect with students while bringing them a friendly reminder that they are worth so much more than what those negative thoughts may tell them.

All my love,

LeAnn Wills

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