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  • LeAnn Wills

Middle School Was So Yesterday-Next Stop: High School!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Today begins my second school counseling internship and this time I am working with high schoolers! I am pretty excited to work with this group, as I don't have as much experience working with older students. I am sure I will learn a great deal from my wonderful supervisor and the students!

I will be at a high school in White Pine, TN a small town in East Tennessee near Morristown. I am looking forward to educational, professional, and personal growth. This internship will go through December, but I can already tell time will fly by and it will not seem like enough! My supervisor mentioned that the counseling department, housed within the student services depart, is relatively new only having been there a couple of years! I feel so lucky, and honored, to get to see the early development of a counseling program, understand the ins and outs of evaluation and implementation, and be a part of this journey with the school and students! This will be a great time!

All my love,


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